MONAT hair care and Princeton

Eventually, I plan to write a longer post about both Monat and Multi-Level Marketing in general. It was important to get this information up now since this rumor is spreading like wildfire.

Chances are, you've seen people selling Monat hair care products by now. You've probably been placed in a group (without your permission) that's selling it on Facebook!

In this post, I want to clear up one rumor going around.

I'm sure you've heard it..

The claim: "Monat was studied/clinically proven by Princeton University (for 3 years)!" 

My critical thinking brain wouldn't let it go so I decided to find out.

First, I emailed the Associate Dean of Research at Princeton University to ask her. She asked me to send her where it was being claimed that Princeton University did this study. I sent her various websites as well as a Facebook search (Go onto Facebook and in the search box, type: Monat Princeton University - you'll get hundreds of results of people making this claim).

And then, she emailed me back:

So, no  - Princeton University did NOT do these studies (nor did their affiliates, nor does she know how this rumor started). 

Then who did?

In my research, I heard of two possible candidates that may have done this testing.
Princeton Consumer Research

 Don't be fooled, just because the name Princeton appears in their company name, neither company is affiliated with Princeton University.

I emailed both companies, asking if they could tell me if they did these clinical studies on Monat.

Princeton Consumer Research responded first: 

Nope - it wasn't them.

That left Tri-Princeton. I asked them the exact same question and I received this response:

My best guess is that Tri-Princeton did the research on this product and we'll never be able to actually see the results of the study.

So there you have it, folks!

 The claim: "Monat was studied/clinically proven by Princeton University (for 3 years)!"  FALSE! 

Update: As I was doing this research, I also emailed Monat's Corporate offices. I did hear back from them - and here's their response:

Update 2: Apparently some Monat Market Partners have read this and think the emails are fake. Please feel free to drop me an email at and I'll be glad to forward the original emails onto you. I'm not "hating" on Monat or Market Partners. I'm simply clearing up a rumor with truth.


  1. I'd like to agree with you. Monat did not get their studied done through Princeton nor does corporate claim this. This rumor started after a man named Teri Princeton exchanged emails with Jamie Ross, a President in the research department at Monat. The email apparently was leaked and the rumor mill started. The key ingredients in Monat do actually have extensive research and it was conducted by Lucas Meyers Cosmetics. All if the clinical data is on their website. There is an extensive report showing studies where the ingredient Capixyl was thoroughly tested and proven to work. I'd love to send this report to you if you'd like. If you'd rather go to the company directly I encourage that too so you know the report was not fabricated in any way. The proof is there. It works :)

    1. You do know that is not true? Not even a little true. Why can't y'all get your gossip, rumors, lies and half truths right?

    2. The research was probably done for the Alcora Group. Research that. Alcora is the corporation who owns Monat and other health and beauty companies.

  2. Hi. Yes clinical trials were done on the ingredients we use. The trial on Abyssinian Oil vs Argon Oil was done at TRI Princeton. Nothing to do with Monat except we did have access to the study results. Capixyl is an ingredient manufactured by Lucas Mayer. I also have accessed that study as well. Honestly no one was purposely trying to snow anyone. And many of us also have critical thinking brains capable of research. Have you accessed these studies?

    1. Were those independent studies? Or were the studies paid by Monat corporation?

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